Some time ago, after a brainstorming session, one of the topics which came to our minds was related to metrics. Due to its complexity, as well as the wide range of approaches to the subject, we came to the conclusion it’d be better to create a series of posts.

Besides, metrics are neither fixed, nor written on stone. In order to make the most out of them, they need to fit the context of the project/organisation or team, while meeting their expectations and giving them value that will let them make informed decisions.

That is why we will be working on a series of posts on the matter, we will be looking at them from several perspectives, and from several trenches (so to speak).

Some organisations rely solely upon them to monitor progress as if the paradigm went “measure it, or it won’t improve”, is that so? And if that’s the case, what kind of measurements are you taking? Are your metrics being taken from a quantitative or a qualitative approach?

Come with us in a journey through those topics and so more to come.