Not long ago, I came across with a very funny song, which, for some reason(s) seems dead accurate.

Finds it all

It is interpreted by Vagif Abilov, and the video is available in the following link, and it belongs to a publication of Agile Testing Days

Read through the lyrics and share your thoughts.

I don’t want a bug

To be defined as feature

Though it’s hurting me

We won’t release this week

I’ve had all bad luck

It will surely teach me

Nothing more to say

No more sprints to save

The tester finds it all

The error is to fall

I tried to do my best

Just one failing test

I was flying high

The algorithm was clever

Fastest you have seen

Written whole in “C”

Written whole at night

I won’t do this ever

I was such a fool

Should have learned the rules

The prospects were so clean

It worked on my machine

How could I even think

They‘d test with empty string!

The tester finds it all

The bug won’t cross the wall

It’s simple and it’s plain

Why should I complain?

But tell me how it feels

When you find my error?

Does it feel the same

When it’s him to blame?

I don’t really think

I’m a nasty fellow

But what can I say?

The rules must be obeyed

Stakeholders will decide

Developers abide

The product will release

The user’s not at risk

QA is on again

Co-worker or a friend

Big failure or a small

The tester finds it all

I don’t want a bug

To be defined as feature

And I understand

Things are not as planned

I apologize

For those little creatures

Also known as bugs

But let us face the fact

The tester finds it all…

The tester finds it all…

Tester finds it

Bugs won’t hurt us

Team will fix them

Product will ship

It was pleasure

Having you here

Hope to see you

In the next year

So, what do you think about the lyrics in the song? Which part of it did you like? Would you add anything to it? Do you not agree with it? I would like to read your thoughts about it.

¡Have fun #testing!