Hello to everyone!

It’s long since we last got in touch with you all, and, because we missed you we’re back with new subjects and knowledge, which we want to share.

Throughout the last few years, I usually had some kind of checklist/spreadsheet with testing job interview questions and ideas. Ever since that time, I had in mind creating an easy to navigate mindmap to go through during the interviewing process while taking notes.

After some discussions in testers.io about hiring, and also, some articles shared there by their writers: Sheree Pennah and Dan Ashby I felt motivated to put all those things together and create the mindmap :)

In case anyone would want the original file, to open it in mindmup, just ping me on Twitter or any other media :)


Lastly, the lack of colors in the mindmap is b/c I use a state plugin to add colors throughout the interview itself ;)