Andrés Curcio

My beginnings in computing go as far as year 2001, I started with LAN/WAN networking tasks, as well as building, improving and fixing servers. That knowledge and experience positioned me as a go-to-guy person when it came to servers, and eventually, building environments for testing teams.

Also, by that time, I was undergoing my formal learning at ORT University, institution in which I obtained a degree in Electronics and Computing. Having crossed paths with the software line of work, in time I became fond of the software testing craft. A need for constantly pushing my limits, and because of being inherently curious, I set out to investigate and learn as much as possible about testing, and it was just a matter of time until my path stumbled upon like-minded people, such as the people who make up the Context Driven Testing School.

Nowadays, this passion hasn’t faded out a bit, on the contrary, it keeps on going. Since 2013, I have also been acquiring knowledge through a formal education made available by the people at Centro de Ensayos de Software, with their 3 years career in Software Testing.

My career continues to unfold and develop through a continued holistic learning experience, either through participating in forums, meetups, listening to related podcasts, formal training and education, as well as reading books and publications from people such as Gerald “Jerry” Weinberg, Cem Kaner, James and Jonathan Bach, Michael Bolton, James Whittaker, and many more. I enjoy learning, teaching, and sharing knowledge, not to mention, thinking creatively while also playing outside of the box to come up with solutions to what other people deem as either complicated, or hard to solve problems.

Ignacio Esmite

I started in the software development line of work during my university life, switching my responsibilities between studying Computing engineering as a student, and learning the craft of programming in the real world. I enjoy programming, but back in those days I also started being curious about the whole lifecycle of the development, and testing in particular.

At the same time, and it was 2006, I was beginning to gain a greater interest in Testing, and there was a job opening at Centro de Ensayos de Software which was tempting: research in testing; build the automation fundamentals for a new department in the company; and, provide services and trainings to companies in Uruguay. Probably, it was there, and also because of the guidance of Mónica Wodzislawski, that something which had some shy beginnings, just took off and increased my eagerness for knowledge regarding Testing. Back in those days, it dawn on me the existence of the Context Driven Testing School. Furthermore, and also under that same influence, a thirst for knowledge had me started researching about exploratory testing to deepen and broaden my knowledge, so for that, reading publications from James Bach, Michael Bolton, James Whittaker, Scott Barber, among others became a usual journey.

Since then, I’ve built my career pivoting between development and testing across different kinds of companies, ranging from startups to big companies, engaging in tasks which would go from consulting, to leading several projects in development, testing, automation specialized teams, as well as performance. I love teaching and building trainings regarding different types of topics, I enjoy writing about testing and software development in general, and I’m very passionate about investing time working through what seems to be “die-hard-problems”.